Bronces Jordá guarantees the use of AISI-304 stainless steel in the production of its items. This steel is recommended by the world's leading steelworks as possessing the perfect characteristics for the functions to which our products are destined.

We transform the steel in accordance with the most exacting requirements and without altering its austenitic qualities in order to obtain the very best benefits. We obtain these products by employing the most advanced stainless steel stamping, pressing, folding, welding technology, etc, which we combine with years of experience of working with this metal.


All visible surfaces of this range of products have a “shine finish” but some engravings and distinguishing parts fixed over them are offered in different shades or finish to improve their esthetic appearance.
The letter C at the end of any reference number means that the distinguishing part has “chromium-plated” finish (Christ, flower, etc.).
The first reference number identifies the article in the finish shown in catalogue. All articles with a reference number are available for immediate delivery.