The hands of craftsmen are responsible for creating the models employed in our technologically advanced bronze casting production process.

Bronces Jordá guarantees the quality of all the items produced in its factory. Each product is conceived, designed and manufactured in such a way as to increase its value with thepassing ofthe years. From the exclusive lost wax and sand casting, embossing and bronze injection all our products are manufactured using a high degree of technical skill, enormous efforts during their creation and careful finishing processes that enable you to receive perfect sculptures.

Standard finishes

Most of our bronze articles are shown with a "satin" bronze finish. This is the most popular finish in our collection. The ability to use the other 5 finish is limited by the look and the technical limitations of the particular finish process. The reference of a same article with different finish is the reference of that article in "satin" with an identifying letter at the end. All the alphabets (bronze letters) are an exception because they have different reference numbers. Any casting that is clearly shown in the catalogue or in the price list is in stock and available for immediate delivery. If you do not see a product with the finish you desire, please ask us as it could be possible to make this article with the finish you desire. Any order placed without a definite reference to a specific finish will be filled using the "satin" bronze finish.
Bronze is a metal alloy with a copper content of at least 65%. This is the criteria used by EU countries.