Since immemorial time, the marble from the Quarries of Macael has been used to build great works of art. Its skilled artisans have fashioned unique, hand-crafted pieces that serve as much-admired models for historical monuments.

At Bronces Jordá, we select this high-quality marble, reduce it to a very fine dust, mix it with specially treated resins to prevent the discolouring effects of the sun, and compress it to form sculptures and decorative items just as beautiful and valuable as those realized with traditional marble.


The sculptures made in reconstituted marble can be made in any of standard finishes we offer with the exception of “negro pulido”, because in this finish we only make a few concrete articles.

In order to avoid giving an excessive volume we detail only the reference numbers in accord with the finish found in catalogue. To identify and order any article with different finish it will be necessary to add the identifying final letter.

This range of sculptures is available for immediate delivery in finished shown in catalogue it will be necessary to check our current price list to know if a concrete article is also available in any other finish.