General Sales Terms

  1. All sales carried out in accordance with the following terms which the buyer accepts in their entirety, except for any modifications which are mutually agreed to in writing.
  2. Goods are always sent on the account of and at the risk of the buyer. This company does not accept any responsibility for breakages or loss of goods, in which case the receiver should file a claim against to the forwarding company.
  3. The price list is indicated without value added tax (V.A.T.). This tax will be applied in accordance with EU regulations, the percentages being those established in each country.
  4. The price list is subject to modifications which may arise due to legal provisions concerning labour, raw materials, energy, taxes, alterations in the official exchange rate, etc.
  5. The prices of those articles which are commercialized by the company but not manufactured by it may be varied without the need to publish a new price list. Said variation will always be in response to increases or decreases which occur in the price at origin.
  6. Prices refer to materials loaded on trucks at our factory or warehouses and do not include packing or transport costs.
  7. A fair opinion as to a job's correct finish, in the event of any doubt, will be sought by means of a technical report by two professionals of the sector established in the city and appointed by BRONCES JORDA, S.L.
  8. Delivery times for specially manufactured articles which do not indicate exact dates will be understood to be approximate and will always run from the date which the price is accepted. BRONCES JORDA, S.L. cannot be held responsible in the event of any delay in supplies due to strikes, delays in transport, lack of information required to carry out orders, force majeure, etc.
  9. Returns of goods which have not previously been authorized will not be accepted.
  10. Orders placed verbally or in writing imply express and total acceptance of all of these sales terms. Our invoice amounts should be by cash or by bank transfer before the sending of the merchandise, it being understood that bills of exchange which are drawn on our customers do not imply our renunciation to be paid at our address and the buyer is subject, in the event of legal action, to the courts of this jurisdiction.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the designs, models and dies are the exclusive property of BRONCES JORDA, S.L. and are protected by patents and by the legal provisions concerning intellectual property and copyright. Any reproductions, cither total or partial, are absolutely prohibited.